Corporate Responsibility

The Columbia Approach

At Columbia Sportswear, we are committed to building a company of which we can all be proud – not only of the innovative products we create and the financial results we achieve, but the manner in which we achieve them. Whether it’s responsible sourcing, giving back to our communities, or reducing our environmental impact, we believe corporate responsibility is a companywide effort.

We want you to be proud to wear our products, and use our accessories and equipment anytime you step into the Greater Outdoors. Stakeholder input is invaluable to the continuous improvement of our corporate responsibility programs. I invite you to learn what we’ve been doing and participate in making our programs better by providing your feedback at

—Tim Boyle, President, CEO, and Director

Featured Initiative

This past December, Columbia Sportswear was featured globally on CNBC in a short film about HERproject produced by Responsible Business Television (RBTV). The film highlights the need for health education for female factory workers in developing countries and illustrates how HERproject addresses these needs by providing workplace programs that link women’s health to business value. The film was included in a broadcast of several short RBTV films on CNBC Asia, CNBC Europe and CNBC USA.

Several Columbia Sportswear factories have participated in HERproject over the last two years and thousands of workers have received health education through this program. HERproject has seen impressive results overall, including a 60% increase in the number of prenatal medical visits among workers as well as a 41% increase in knowledge of STD symptoms.

For more information on HERproject, visit

The 100KW grid-tied solar electric system on the roof of our Headquarters
Conveyor belts that automatically shut down when not in use reduce energy needs by 23%