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Women's Streetwear Collection| Columbia


Discover the new Columbia Icons Collection for women pulled straight out from our archives.
Icons Collection
Women's Inner Limits™ II Jacket , front
A waterproof-breathable, seam sealed jacket with inner/outer pockets and a drawcord hem and storm ho... Read More
€ 99,99
Icons Collection
Women's Columbia™ Sweatshirt , front
A lounge-worthy cotton blend sweatshirt with a soft interior and an embossed logo.
€ 24,99 - € 29,99 € 49,99
Icons Collection
Women's Windgates™ Cropped Tank , front
A sweat-wicking, summery cropped tank top with UPF 50 combines style and function for hot days.
€ 27,99 - € 39,99
Icons Collection
Unisex Santa Ana™ Anorak , front
Icons Collection
Columbia™ Popo Pack , front
A hands-free pack with a padded pocket and retro-bold colors.
€ 34,99
Icons Collection
Columbia™ Popo 22L Backpack , front
In retro colors with a modern utility, this backpack features a 15" padded laptop sleeve.
€ 59,99
Follow a trend or create a new one with this eye-catching anorak crafted of warm hybrid fleece.
€ 48,99 € 69,99
Best Seller
Unisex Convey 25 Liter Rolltop Daypack , front
A 25-liter pack with an externally accessible laptop sleeve and foam-padded back for all-day comfort... Read More
€ 48,99 € 69,99
Icons Collection
Women's Columbia Park™ Printed Dress , front
Featuring vivid prints and logos, this 100% cotton knit dress is naturally cool and breathable.
€ 49,99
Icons Collection
Shredder™ Hat , front
Retro colors, a modern silhouette, and water repellency make this a signature cap.
€ 27,99
Best Seller
Unisex Lost Lager™ Beanie , front
A classic cuffed beanie in rich heathered knit featuring comfort and thoughtfully crafted style.
€ 17,49 - € 24,99
A year-round staple in classic sailor-cap style, featuring a cozy nylon blend for comfort.
€ 10,49 - € 14,99
A classic zip-up hoodie with a modern design, this layer is at home wherever you need to roam.
€ 34,99 € 69,99
Best Seller
Women's Ruby Falls Down Long Jacket , front
A long silhouette jacket built for protective warmth and versatile style in wintry weather.
€ 134,99 € 269,99
Urban Uplift™ Side Bag , front
Day-to-day or on vacations with a lot of wandering—this utility purse keeps your valuables secure.
€ 17,49 € 24,99
This ultra-soft, logo-bearing tee features the extra stretch you need when outdoor adventure calls.
€ 17,49 - € 24,49 € 34,99
This ideal-for-travel convertible duffel can be worn like a backpack or carried like a bag.
€ 79,99
With a cross-body strap, this water-resistant sling pack boasts 20-liters to organize everyday essen... Read More
€ 51,99 € 79,99
Daily commute or a day hike, this 25-liter, water-resistant backpack keeps your gear organized.
€ 89,99
Women's Columbia Lodge Crew Sweatshirt , front
Like a sweatshirt and then some, this pullover features pockets and a bit of stretch.
€ 41,99 € 59,99
This hat brings comfort to the cool-weather excursion of your choosing.
€ 17,49 € 24,99
A jacket built for protective warmth and versatile style in wintry weather.
€ 99,99 € 199,99

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