Tops & Fleeces for Girls

Youth Tech Trek™ Hoodie , front
Wicking technology and built-in sun protection will make this their new go-to sport hoodie.
€ 44,99
Girls' Tech Trek™ Short Sleeve Shirt , front
A tee built for all-day play with stretchy moisture-wicking fabric and built-in UPF 50.
€ 24,99
Wearing this light-yet-plush fleece jacket adds an ideal layer of warmth for school, football practi... Read More
€ 27,99 - € 39,99
This casual fitted fleece has a practical hood and a full-length zip, keeping windy gusts out and th... Read More
€ 34,99 € 69,99
Best Seller
Youth Fast Trek™ II Full Zip Fleece Jacket , front
This soft all-season fleece jacket is made our heavier weight fleece offering for increased warmth a... Read More
€ 20,99 € 29,99
This softshell jacket protects in humid & windy conditions thanks to its water-repellent fabric.
€ 29,99 € 49,99
This jacket is essential basic gear for young people out on the move, whether sporting, walking or j... Read More
€ 17,49 € 34,99
This jacket's cozy Sherpa-pile fleece will keep him warm on its own or under a shell.
€ 22,49 € 44,99
A sweat-wicking and heat-trapping thermal with reflective lining always ready for action.
€ 14,99 - € 29,99
A lightweight, layerable pullover fleece jacket that’s soft, warm, and versatile for all-season comf... Read More
€ 9,99 € 19,99
This lightweight kids’ shirt shields against sunburn and skin damage so they can play all day.
€ 29,99
Crafted with advanced wicking and sun screening technologies, this tee is a classic for the trail.
€ 13,99 € 19,99

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