Géraldine Fasnacht

Geraldine Fasnacht - The birdwoman
One of our elite Tested Tough ambassadors.
Geraldine Fasnacht and Columbia Sportswear have been partners for 15 years.

Geraldine tests and uses our products in the harshest, most extreme, and most natural of conditions. She is constantly in search of new challenges.

Her ironclad values and top-rate performances make her one of the most legendary adventurers of her generation.

Columbia - Geraldine Fasnacht in wingsuit - 1
Columbia - the first ever wingsuit jump from the Matterhorn

The first ever wingsuit jump from the Matterhorn


This 35-year-old Swiss woman has always been fueled by adrenaline. After having begun her career as a snowboarder, Geraldine didn't stop with her finishes atop the podium. Her elements are the air and snow, and her milieu is the mountain.

Over the course of her expeditions around the planet, Geraldine Fasnacht lives out her passion. She snowaboards the world's steepest slopes and flies along thoroughly dizzying mountains in a wingsuit.

Columbia - Géraldine Fasnacht - 1
Columbia - Géraldine Fasnacht - 2 Columbia - Géraldine Fasnacht - 2
8 years as Number One in the world, and the pursuit of adventure
Columbia - Geraldine Fasnacht on a snowboard - 1

In 2002, during her very first competition, Geraldine wins the Xtreme Verbier, a renowned international freeride ski & snowboard competition. Five further victories propel her, at 21 years of age, to the top of the international freeride snowboard rankings. A position she will conserve for 8 straight years.

The pull of the tallest mountains and the expeditions she has been guiding since 2005 alongside competing lead her to leave the bibs behind for good and seek out new horizons. Her trophy collection, adventurous spirit, and enthusiasm contribute to a well-earned reward: in 2009, she is elected "Rider of the Year" by Fluid. It's the first time a woman wins this prize.

Columbia - Geraldine Fasnacht on a snowboard - 2 Columbia - Geraldine Fasnacht on a snowboard - 2
Always looking for new lines
Her list of wins:
  • 20top-3 finishes between 2002 and 2010 on the international freeride snowboard circuit
  • 11international
  • 3-time winner of the Xtreme Verbier
    (2002, 2003, 2009)
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Columbia - Géraldine Fasnacht - 4 Columbia - Géraldine Fasnacht - 4
A passion for the mountain in 3D…
Columbia - Geraldine Fasnacht - 5

Drawn by the base jump since the age of 17, Geraldine sees in this discipline an approach that's identical to mountainerring: identify your trajectory, climb the peaks to reach the starting point, and finally, trace your line in harmony with the landscape.

In 1998, she makes her first base jumps just after having surpassed the 300 airplane skydive mark. She then tackles bridges, cliffs…A veritable rite of passage which would only strengthen her desire to glide through the air.

Columbia - Géraldine Fasnacht - The birdwomen Columbia - Géraldine Fasnacht - The birdwomen

Geraldine will find the Holy Grail in a wingsuit: flying alongside mountains without a wing above her head. Geraldine has thus become the "birdwoman," who you can discover in the magnificent documentary "Matterhorn, the Birdwoman's Dream."

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Columbia - Geraldine Fasnacht in wingsuit - 2